4 stars hotel with 32 furnished rooms


Riferimento 832
Prezzo 842.000 €
Tipologia Hotel - albergo
Contratto vendita
Comune Cesena
Mq 2.508
Classe energetica
Classe energetica N.D.

informazioni aggiuntive

Subject of this sale is a hotel with appurtenances and parking spaces arranged in a block shaped C-shaped building called "Hotel Mosaico" located in Cesena (FC), in Torre del Moro, overlooking the roundabout between the SSEmilia and via Dismano. The complex is built on three floors above ground, as well as a large attic with technical rooms and two underground floors for garage and storage. Most of the building is occupied by the hotel, while in the remaining portions shops and offices insist with their own staircases. The internal courtyard is enriched with pedestrian paths and green spaces while in the perimeter of the building there are parking and driveway that leads to the access ramp to the underground floors.The building is characterized by facades covered with pre-painted sheet and marble slabs or other material such as stoneware interrupted by canopies that surround the entire building at the level of the first floor slab.The unit is developed on all floors of the complex with a large internal marble staircase, and elevator. Ground floor with reception, direction, meeting room, technical system rooms, dining area with service rooms, warehouses and toilets. First and second floors with 32 rooms equipped with an en suite bathroom. The floors are made of squares of high density and resistance material, the walls have a washable / resin smoothing, the doors of the rooms are equipped with a magnetic card opening, the internal doors of the toilets are of a sliding type of honeycomb wood, windows in embossed wood PVC with open pore color light and triple glass. Each room has portions of a false ceiling where the systems for air exchange are positioned.Third floor with technical rooms (some in the rough-advanced) with the related equipment and paved solar pavements in stoneware. Also part of the hotel are the two underground floors where there are laundries, storage rooms, warehouses with stoneware flooring. Also available on these floors are "private" parking spaces, quantified in 51 parking spaces, as well as the co-ownership of "public use" parking spaces. The complex is in a good state of maintenance. The movable goods inside the premises are part of the sale (attached inventory).The definitive usability of the entire complex will be issued only after the regular completion of all the planned works of the building and definition permit of all the procedures connected to it (CPI, transfer of public areas / spaces, etc.). To date not yet performed testing of public works to be sold.Property identified in the appended report as LOT 10. Visita l'immobile: www.realestatediscount.it/aste-immobili/hotel-4-stelle-arredato-847/