Holiday complex


Riferimento 713
Prezzo 4.673.000 €
Tipologia Hotel - albergo
Contratto vendita
Comune Sarsina
Mq 1.493
Classe energetica
Classe energetica N.D.

informazioni aggiuntive

Subject of this sale is a hotel complex. The property is located in Sarsina (FC), at Casalecchio, with access on Via San Martino 23. The complex consists of historic buildings and newly built. The historical part of the complex was built between the sixteenth and the eighteenth century, while the newest part in the early 60s. The relevance of the buildings courtyard covering an area of ??6823 square meters. The lot is located on a river valuable land, which slopes gently down to the bed of the river Savio. In the court they are installed in a tensile structure domes and a kiosk. The complex is surrounded by a large park of oak trees that can be used for outdoor dining. Completes Sale agricultural land having area of ??29658 square meters. The complex has the technological systems necessary for its operation, and its own sewage treatment plant. The oldest part is in good repair and conservation, with fixtures and fittings and the latest one needs a modernization effort.The core of the count's palace is the sixteenth and the wings of the building are eighteenth century, like the front door which gives access to the ground floor. Atrium with vaulted ceiling is accessed at seven dining rooms of the hotel, the kitchens, the lounge bar and the stairs leading to the basement and to the upper floors of the main building. Through the lobby you reach the back of the building and a glazed loggia that serves as a corridor for the part of the newly built complex, used primarily as a hotel. All the rooms of the ground floor of a sixteenth century building, have vaulted ceilings and a cruise. Rooms added with the eighteenth-century expansion have wooden ceilings with beams and planks on sight. On the ground floor, with access from the outside court, there is a chapel built in 1733. The basement was turned into a brasserie and wine bar. Here, the historical part has been added modern part destined to the pantry, preparation, engine room, toilets, changing rooms and storage rooms, equipped with an internal and an external access. The first floor gravitates around a large central hall with original eighteenth-century decorations have been beautifully preserved. Next to it are three dining rooms and, at the sides of the floor, two loggias with a view. In the back part of the old building there are three bedrooms, including the Alcova that is the environment most valuable building. Through the loggia window that serves as a hallway leads to the modern part of the building in which they were drawn to the hotel lobby, eight rooms with bathroom and a double toilet for common use. On the second floor of the historic building are six attic rooms with bathroom and a large utility room. Visita l'immobile: